Merax Travelhouse Luggage

Overview of the product:

This Merax Travelhouse luggage is established in the year 1995 and the manufacturer of this bags produce special product for the day to day life of American citizens. These bags come with a 3 different sizes as 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches.

The Merax Travelhouse luggage is comes with multi-directional silent spinner wheels. All luggage sets have been upgraded with metal handle clamps and there is no more handle issues. This luggage bag it comes with a 5-year worldwide warranty and 2 type of logo plate in triangle or square logo.

The Merax Travelhouse brand has a loyal customer base with the products high-quality products from this company and they maintained a strong online presence which continues to expand on the world level.

All the products come out from this company are hand-picked and tested for a high quality to ensure the customers satisfaction. The Merax Travelhouse products are tailored to fit into the lifestyle of its users.

This company comes with an unmatched quality when leveled with competitors put their products via the rigorous testing to ensure that the customers are offered with a great selection which you can get only from the Merax Travelhouse company.

All the 3 set pieces from the Merax Travelhouse luggage are designed to provide maximum comfort, functionality, reliability, and peace of mind this3 piece suitcase set option one 28 inch suitcase for consignment.

This suitcase is made up with an abs material with pc color masterbatch. It is a lightweight bag that is made up with a more durable, flexible and absorbs impact when under stress.

Pros of Merax Travelhouse luggage:

  • These bags come with an elegant pattern hides any potential scratches or scuffs from your journeys.

Cons Merax Travelhouse luggage:

  • Unlocking this suitcase is difficult when you forget the password.